Love Cuts  2017

HD, 20’ colour, sound

Speculative short documentary that investigates love in the perspective of 4 people living in Auckland, New Zealand. Their thoughts are presented in an unaltered realism and intimate form of poetry, infused with anxieties and questions about the concept of love today.

Self funded and shot entirely by a team of 2 women in Auckland, New Zealand.

Love Cuts was nominated one of the best Documentary Shorts at DocEdge Film Festival 2018, Auckland, New Zealand and also had screenings in Berlin and Paris.

Writer, Director, Producer and Editor Karen Reis
Cinematography Kim Annan

Sound Design and Mixing Punch Audio Brazil
Sound Design Mariano Alvarez
Folley Artist Andre Namur

Grading Core Color Grading Services Brazil
Lead Colorist Marco Oliveira

Post Production Mandy VFX
Flame Artist Anita Ward
Titles Bruno Diccola

Music by Stray True, Die! Die! Die! and Mark Burrows

Featuring Jacqueline Margetts, Ruby Tautuhi-Lloyd, George Oates, Lastman So’oula

*Screener upon request

︎Official Trailer

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